WSP's Geomatics group is introducing a new way of working to its employees that will be used to integrate survey tools and technology while better connecting a newly amalgamated group of workers. With the acquisition of many new companies, the geomatics team is adopting the Field2Finish system to streamline and automate routine tasks while standardizing workflows across the company. 


My role was to help create videos to explain how Field2Finish will benefit workers and the company as a whole. The first aimed to target employees to better explain what Field2Finish is all about, and the second is an external video for clients. WSP's previous geomatics group, 'Focus', had a mascot named Wendell who acted as a land surveying character. At the request of my internal marketing client Becky Maher, I updated Wendell's look and animated him and other fictional WSP employees in an aim to engage employees and better illustrate how Field2Finish will improve their work lives. All graphics but the logo were created by me.